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Greg & Jason

Short and sweet and lovely and nice.  This pretty much sums up their wedding!  I met Greg and Jason at Kettle Cove for their wedding day.  We had an hour photo session to get acquainted and then their guests arrived and they were married.  It was simply lovely.  They day was perfect and they lived happily ever after!




Thanksgiving Photo Booth

This Thanksgiving we had the whole family together, something that hasn’t been done in about 5 years!  I wish the day didn’t fly by so fast and we all had more time to hang out.  To mark the occasion with some photos the photo booth was brought along.  I set it up for wedding, parties, and now family functions too!  What a great idea.  Here’s some of the shots:

Nicole & Ryan

They just got married an hour prior and here they are as happy as ever.  This is Nicole and Ryan and their post elopement photo shoot!  How romantic… run away to a beautiful Maine, get married to your sweetheart, have a photo shoot, and  dance the night away in the Old Port.  Here is just an hour of their magical wedding day!  Enjoy the photos.