Leo’s Photo Shoot

Photography is about holding on to that place in time to keeping memories alive.  Here is my boy Leo missing is two front teeth!  It’s crazy to think how quickly time flies by and before I can blink twice he will soon have some gleaming new ones in this place.  I cherish these moments.  More and more in this digital age I feel the need to pause and look around before the things I really care about slip by.  The camera is a tool for engaging in life, in the moment; mindfulness.  I took this in my home studio just before bedtime.  He’s such a good kid!

The Watts Family

Meet the lovely Watts family!  Goodness, this session was done back in the crazy super freeze we had in early December.  We started in the home for a classic family portrait and then ventured out for a walk on the beach with a bit of a photo shoot.  Then back for the de-thaw!  What a gorgeous family, here’s a few from the session.