Little Memory Savers | New Branded USB Drives

As a Maine family, portrait and wedding photographer I’m always on the look out for something new and stylish to elevate my brand and offer to my clients.  When USB Memory Direct contacted me showing off all their styles of USB drives I couldn’t be more exited and update to something a bit more slick, stylish and elegant.  After a couple emails and some hard decisions I finally made my choice and a week later these little gems were at my door.  They are a gorgeous brushed steel on a tiny micro drive that slides open.  Slick, elegant, simple!  I still find it amazing that these tiny things can hold over 1K images!  I am delighted to offer these to all family, portrait and wedding clients from here on in.

These USB drives fill a certain void in our modern digital lives.  They hold a place in the photography world somewhere between the printed album and digital files on some hard drive out in the cloud who knows where.  They are digital yet physical; a potential album, canvas, print or even slide show waiting to be plugged in and opened.  Reality is that computers get old, hard drives crash and files often get misplaced or lost and these little drives are a bit of a keep sake in case of the latter.  I think of them as rescue drive containing your memories.  I hope you like them and thank you to USB Memory Direct!

Here is the Joshua Atticks Wedding Photography version for my wedding clients.

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