Lingering Images

Just a few randoms lingering in my hard drive.

_DSC5548Of all the streets in London, Praed Street is my least favorite.  It’s the one of the main roads between Paddington Station to Marylebone Station and it’s always crap.  Stinky cabs, gross sidewalks, dirty shops, bad air and after walking it a hundred times we finally took a detour and found this little oasis.  Lesson learned… never take the same route twice!

london_canals_nospAnd it gets even nicer!  London has quite the canal system.battersea_revisitedBattersea Power Station.


photo’s anyone?


Walpole Park, Ealing


Beachy Head, East Sussex.  Simply gorgeous!

wolf_neck_072909_8932Wolf’s Neck State Park, Maine.  Back when trees had their leaves.