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That’s right 10 stops of light blocking power.  I’ve had this B+W filter in and out of my bag for years now and have never really given it a good go.  10 stops is almost like trying to look through a piece of tin foil… it’s completely black and shows just a hint of light even when looking at the sun.  Here I am at Portland Head Light seeing if I would make the ocean turn to glass.  I was shocked that my D750 could still take a meter reading (nice!) but forget about locking down any kind of focus.  Here’s the result – 30mm, f16, ISO 100 for 35 seconds.  Just love that fluffy look to those waves!Portland Head Light - Cape Elizabeth ME


He’s just a little guy and the girls in the coop really don’t take him very seriously.  They call him a Frizzle as he has crazy feathers all over the place, can’t fly and is only about a foot tall at his best.  We call him “Bob” and he’s our friend.

Bob - Our Rooster

This Thanksgiving we had the whole family together, something that hasn’t been done in about 5 years!  I wish the day didn’t fly by so fast and we all had more time to hang out.  To mark the occasion with some photos the photo booth was brought along.  I set it up for wedding, parties, and now family functions too!  What a great idea.  Here’s some of the shots:

As the last couple hours of 2012 quickly count down I would like to send my most sincere thank you to all the people and families who have so graciously invited me into their lives.  Your smiles, happiness and love is the most precious thing in the world and to capture it is my most sincere honor.  Thank you for making my year and filling my heart with life and joy!  This is why I love photography and this is to you (cheers!):

Let’s take care of each other in 2013 and celebrate life.

Live for right now.  This moment.  This breath.