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Thoughts of London

My residence for over 5 years, place of marriage and birth of my son; this is the best city in the world, London.  AView

Take a run through Venice

For the first time ever the 25th annual Venice Marathon will be going through St. Mark’s Square.. andView

Pre Wedding Weekend

We were up in Snitterfield visiting Joyce (Nanny) and finally getting some wedding stuff sorted out in near byView

Alive with texture

Layering a texture over an image can make a decent image into something really striking.  I love the raw, gritty moodView

A walk through Walpole Park, Ealing

Last Monday was like a flash back from the good ole days in New England.  Now this was real snow!  They say it wasView

A taste the country in London. Chiswick House Gardens

These were taken on a quick stroll through the Chiswick House Gardens.  After a quick rain the sun peaked through theView

Cornwall, England

We’re back in London and Gem, Leo and I had a fantastic week exploring beautiful Cornwall.  We were reallyView