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My Sigma 50mm 1.4 has been kicking around my camera bag for the last 4 years.  They call it a nifty fifty and this was a nice one too.  But it always bothered me that the auto-focus would hunt around and never seem to lock on just right like my Nikkors did.  The manual focus ring was also stiff and unfriendly, so over the years I tossed it aside and it sat in my bag waiting for those dark churches that were infrequent at best.  I figured that this was what you got for getting a Sigma even if it was just shy of $500!  But it is a 1.4 and a lovely and huge piece of glass.  I’m also a bokeh junky so on it went and off with the zooms.  Tonight was one of those evenings where on it went and to my surprise I love everything it gathered.  P.S. – if you have this lens try setting your auto-focus to “long” as this seemed to help with the hunting, jittery auto-focus.  Cheers!

Below are some images from a DX sensor.  Cropped making the 50mm equivalent to about 85mm.

Here’s some snaps from the weekend.  Happy B-Day Pop!!  What a wonderful Easter party with the family.

I can’t believe that April is almost over and that this is my first post of the month.  It’s a bit of a slow season right now so instead I’ve kept real busy with my wood stove install and creating a huge wood pile stacked under my deck.  I’ve also decided to demolish our nasty old laundry room and rebuild the entire thing from the ground up.  It’s been a crash course in framing, insulating, wiring, plumbing, sheet rocking, mudding, sanding and painting.  And so far it looks awesome.  I’ll post some photos soon of the new room.  I’ve also created a short bound book of my Nephew Ben as a gift to my sister and her husband.  It will be my next post so stay tuned.  Here are my images of my sweeties, they do grow up so fast!!

hold these moments.Ok, not the best shot…  but this is the first wild Bald Eagle I’ve seen.  This a full crop from my D300 at 200mm.  Looking forward to wedding season!

Rachel is just seven months and she just could not be cuter… well that is until next month when she again gets even cuter.  In know from experience with Leo that as time goes on they change and you love them more and more.  The now will always be the best time for me (I may take this all back when they are teenagers!). This is Rachel as she is now.  She always looks at me with the biggest grin and I finally picked up my camera.  A super spontaneous photo session that was over within 5 minutes.  It really doesn’t take much to capture the moment.  I’ve got to get a shot of her peaking over the tray of her new highchair.  Stay tuned!