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Ahh, my poor blog!  I’ve been so busy lately editing and on shoots the blog has unfortunately taken a back seat. I’ll be posting at least weekly for now on.  Promise!

My clients Kelly and Tyler were just married at the Dunegrass in Old Orchard Beach.  I meet them a couple months ago to discuss their upcoming nuptials and as we surveyed the area Tyler asked if I saw the now viral T-Rex wedding photograph . I certainly had and it was all I would think of when I saw the perfect green fairway.  He may of mentioned it as a possible joke or just in passing but I know that we both had to have it!  Oh the fear!!


My Sigma 50mm 1.4 has been kicking around my camera bag for the last 4 years.  They call it a nifty fifty and this was a nice one too.  But it always bothered me that the auto-focus would hunt around and never seem to lock on just right like my Nikkors did.  The manual focus ring was also stiff and unfriendly, so over the years I tossed it aside and it sat in my bag waiting for those dark churches that were infrequent at best.  I figured that this was what you got for getting a Sigma even if it was just shy of $500!  But it is a 1.4 and a lovely and huge piece of glass.  I’m also a bokeh junky so on it went and off with the zooms.  Tonight was one of those evenings where on it went and to my surprise I love everything it gathered.  P.S. – if you have this lens try setting your auto-focus to “long” as this seemed to help with the hunting, jittery auto-focus.  Cheers!

Below are some images from a DX sensor.  Cropped making the 50mm equivalent to about 85mm.

I’ve been meaning to post an amazing image from our holiday in England and Wales.  Well wait no longer. This is Lake Vyrnwy looking absolutely stunning!

And a couple other favorites here in Maine.  Can’t wait for some sunny days again!

I was clearing through some of my compact flash cards and found some of these little gems from last year.  Taken in September when the days were a tad warmer and the kiddos were a tad smaller.  Except the last shot, that’s Rachel last week giving me “the look” as we ate breakfast together.

A very serious 2 year old girl.

Cleaning out the hard drive a bit this evening and found this little gem from last year.  I love the concept to a cape!