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Portland Headlight and a 10 Stop ND Filter

That’s right 10 stops of light blocking power.  I’ve had this B+W filter in and out of my bag for yearsView

Faking the Sun

Had a great super early morning session with Alexandra and Gunner.  Hoped to get some great morning light but thisView

Some Real Talent

Here’s a couple images from a photo session last week.  I felt like I was in a movie as this young lady playedView

This is Bob, our rooster.

He’s just a little guy and the girls in the coop really don’t take him very seriously.  They call him aView

Hats and Fascinators – Something different

This time of year is real slow for us outdoor environmental portrait photographers, especially in Maine where thereView

Rachel at Disney World

Here is my little super model Rachel at the Art of Animation resort at Disney World.  She is such the poser!  It wasView

Our Trip to Acadia NP

Love Maine!  We had perfect weather all week.  Perfect.  This year we got a place right on the sea on the SchoodicView

Peaks Island Family Photography

The Nguyen Family
Peaks Island Family Photography

I love Peaks Island, especially for photo sessions!  Here I am with the Nguyen’s, they picked me up from theView