Monthly Archives: June 2012

It’s been a whole year since our last session and Rosie has grown from a small baby into a perfect little girl.  It’s good to see this little one isn’t at all timid of the cold Maine water.  I love photographing this age.  It’s always a bit chaotic, I’m usually making weird noises (or wearing seaweed on my head), and always a challenge – but in the end it’s all about capturing that budding personality and expression in those gorgeous eyes.  Here’s some of the favorites-

An awesome session at Kettle Cove with Tiffani and Mark.  A good looking couple + chemistry galore + perfect weather = one awesome session!!  Can’t wait for the wedding!

Last week I met Tiffany and Mark for an engagement session at Kettle Cove in Cape Elizabeth.  The day was a bit overcast to start but it as soon as they arrived the sun returned and remained for the session.  What a blast we had exploring the various paths and beaches while the local mosquitoes tried their best to catch us as as we ran.  I’ve got a bit of editing still but thought to share a bit of a sneak peek from the session..  what a great couple and I can’t wait to capture their wedding day!!  More to come soon…


You just never know what you’ll see when you take a drive up route 1 in Maine.  I love old junky bikes and the more rust the better so I had to stop and pick up this gem.  Leo couldn’t wait take it for a spin and with bit (actually a lot!) of WD-40 and we brought this old timer back.  Here’s Leo reluctantly to posing  for.. yet another photo.  Looking forward to getting some lovely shots with this one.