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Rachel at the Deering Oaks Park, Portland, MaineLeo playing his ukulele.Rachel looking beautiful as usual!Deering Oaks Farmers MarketOff to Bug Light for some photos and kites.Ahh, lunch in Camden, MaineThen some wine sampling at Cellar Door Vineyard.Camden, MaineThe perfect photo prop!!!  I would like to have a whole back yard full of old rusty cars just like this.

Meet Layla.  This little one is so full of energy that I could barely keep up during our hour session.  Also.. did I mention that she is possibly the cutest little girl I’ve ever met.  The red curls, mile wide smile and amazing energy made this photo session extra special.  What amazing images with real smiles and a real personality!  Thank you for the awesome session!  So here we are at Deering Oaks Park in Portland, Maine.  Be sure to hit like on Facebook too.

My residence for over 5 years, place of marriage and birth of my son; this is the best city in the world, London.  A blast from the past in images.  I will be back next year for a visit! 

This is Battersea Power, an old decommissioned power source for London.  It just looks like a symbol of great power.  It’s one of my favorites sites along the Thames.

Camden Market – home of everything weird and obscure.

Canary Wharf – London’s business district.

St. Paul’s in the City of London.  Taken from Hampstead Heath.

Lloyds of London.

The London Eye.

A foggy night along Queens Walk with the London Eye hinting in the background.

Behind me as I took this was St. Stephens Tower (Big Ben) and Parliment.  Seems so serene for the insane hustle and bustle that was behind me!

I guess this would have been our local pub.  Just 50 or so steps from out flat on Canonbury Street, N12TA.

Another super early morning in London.  Look at those shadows!

London fog along the Thames.  I just love this image!  Classic London!

View from the Tate Modern.  By the way, all the museums in London are free.  Tate Modern; a place of inspiration for the creative.

On the south side of the Thames looking at Canary Wharf.

The Tower Bridge.

Trafalgar Square Underground

Battersea Power

Camden Market.  Need any goth stuff?

looking to see more?  see my gallery of London here