Monthly Archives: April 2012

Meet Sammy, just a young boy of about 18 months.  He’s got a gorgeous smile and saves it for only the funniest things… or when he’s looking at his mommy.  He wasn’t even slightly impressed with my camera or lens.  But I do have a plan for next time and it will likely involve gluing my sons Thomas train to the tip of my lens.  That will certainly work!  These sessions are all about chaos, often bribery and lovely photos (of course!).  Sammy was truly a champ!

On a more serious note, Sammy will soon be undergoing an invasive cardiac surgery to repair a hole in his heart.  Our hearts go out to him and his family for strength during this tense and stressful time.   You are in our thoughts and prayers.

This was the “Album Shoot” featuring the talented young artist Isaiah.  After lots of thinking and discussion he decided that “The View” in Portland was the place to make the photograph and I’m glad he did.  I threw out some of my own ideas but this was for his album and it needed to communicate what he wanted.  Portland was his town.  What a view and perfect location for the shoot!  Thank you and nice work!  So here we go with some of my favorites:

What a fun session and best of luck to Isaiah!

If she has taught me one thing she has taught me that the photograph is made in the eyes.  It’s the most important part of the expression which at the very top of the list in what makes great people photography.  Yeah sure you need light, good light but if the expression is bad and the eyes don’t speak to you then it gets tossed.  I’ve always been a stickler for super sharp images but am learning really fast that that doesn’t matter much either.  Expression, expression, expression!!

My little rock stars!