Monthly Archives: October 2011

A little boys dream come true.  South Portland had an open house at the fire department and all the trucks and facilities were open for play.   Luckily, Gemma was on the scene with camera in hand!  These are my favorites:

Here’s the Fire Chief back at home on his red fire tricycle with his partner Rachel on the latter truck.

Introducing Luke, senior photo session at Fort Williams, Cape Elizabeth.  All I can say is that he looks like a rock star. Lighthouse not include!  The total set was over 45 awesome photos and here are just a couple of my favorites.  Cheers!

Thank you Facebook.  I guess I’ll have to say… Facebook really does bring the world together!  An old friend from high school contacted me via my Facebook page and, loving my work (toot, toot) was looking for some photos of her family.  Yes please!  From what I remember back in way back yesteryear, this would be the picture perfect family photo session.   And it was!  And it was really lovely to see an old friend and the beautiful family she has made for her self.   Here’s some of the shots:

Meet Kirsten and Lucas – Married at the lovely Doubling Point Lighthouse on the Kennebeck River here in Maine.  I met them in Portland for an engagement session about a year earlier and had a blast snapping away as we made our way through the Old Port.  I know their wedding day would be awesome and it really was, with a full helping of downeast style too!  They really did it right picking a perfect Maine lighthouse as the backdrop for their nuptials and followed it up with a party at the farm house.  My favorite was the woopie pie wedding cake!  Here’s some of my favorites from the day: