Monthly Archives: September 2011

To be able to shoot anytime anywhere and come up with something decent is what being a photographer is all about.  I am getting there… and for a practice session we headed off to Ferry Beach during the harsh mid afternoon sun for an attempt to return home with images of lite faces and bright eyes.  There will be no raccoon eyes or squinting here!  For this session I took my old Nikon D200 (beach camera) fitted with a 17-55 f2.8 and SB800 wired to be hand held off camera with ttl.  For the first three images the camera was set in manual mode at f5 and 1/250.  I wanted a shallow dof and tried to reduce the ambient as much as possible with my shutter at the highest sync speed of 1/250 of a second.  So here’s the images.. ambient just about blown out but Rachel is looking great.  Success!  Alright now lets see if we can gain a bit more control of the ambient light.  The next  image I put the camera in Auto FP mode which allows the flash to sync with the shutter at much higher speeds.  The image was taken at f5 at 1/1500 of a second.  Now the beach looks the way it should and Rachel is flashed to expose her face properly.  Lookin good!  I then took the camera out of Auto FB mode and tried to control the ambient by adjusting the aperture.  The cameras shutter was set at 1/250 (highest sync rate without using Auto FB) and f/14 which perfectly exposed for the sea and sand behind.  Now the flash had to step up to the plate, hit a homer and illuminate the face, which is no easy task when you have to light something at f/14 and thru a diffusion dome.  The SB800 was about 3 feet from her face and firing at almost full power.   – cheers!


He was talking about it for weeks prior and couldn’t wait for the big day.  It was his first day at nursery school!  “They have a huge sand box with diggers and dump trucks there!”   It’s been a bit over a week now and he still thinks its the best.  Here he is on his first day, back pack ready to go!


I’m a believer in morning sessions when it comes to photographing babies.  A good sleep will make anyone smile and indeed it worked for this little girl!  She was smiling as soon as her mom took her out of the car.  After a rainy night we meet a Kettle Cove in Cape Elizabeth for a great session capturing the moment.   Here’s some images from the session.

I Guess that’s a wrap!

 This is an example of a custom album, 10″x10″, book bound, and 60 pages.  The first image is the back cover, inseam, then front cover (left to right).