Monthly Archives: August 2011

Things have been busy here in the post production lab, real busy!  Here’s the result of some flash fun.

This Saturday at the retired Navy air base in Brunswick, ME was the Great State of Maine Air Show.  What a great time we had checking out the sites and sounds of the planes as the zoomed overhead.  The booths were cool too and we got to sit in some Army vehicles and do some pull up for the Marine Corps (mind you I did squeak out 20!).  It was quite the hot and humid day and the sun was really beating us down.  Next time I’ll bring the the chairs, lots of sunscreen, and an umbrella and we’ll make the whole day.  We didn’t manage to see the Blue Angels but we did have a fantastic time.  Here’s some photos from out day:

Previously in my blog I mentioned that I might wake up early one morning to revisit my favorite sunflower field in some warm morning light.  Well this morning showed all the promising signs and as I laid in bed my brain started racking and I just had to go.  So with a coffee in one hand and my camera bag in the other I headed off.  I arrived a bit early and noticed that the field was not yet illuminated so to burn some time I took a walk down the path, deeper into the farm.   As I turned a corner I could see some yellow through the trees and soon was approaching a huge, super field of sunflowers.    What a find and what a lovely morning.  Here’s some of the photos:


Stay tuned for more from Kirsten and Lucas’s fabulous wedding.  Coming soon from Lifesessions Photography!

Doubling Point Light, Kennebec River, ME

Yesterday on the way to Hannaford Leo and I saw this most amazing field of sunflowers with the perfect back lighting.  We quickly bought our ice cream and other goodies and sped home for my camera and step ladder.  We are expecting rain over the next couple days and would be kicking myself if I missed this light.  So off I went and captured these just before the clouds rolled in and blocked the sun.  I think I may stop by at this location once again for some morning light, then maybe on a clear night under a full moon for a super long exposure (okay, one could dream). Location: Spurwink Ave. (just before the horse barn), Cape Elizabeth, Maine.


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