Monthly Archives: July 2011

We met up with friends at Kettle Cove for an evening of fresh air, great views and fantastic food.  I love it here!  And that light was just about as yummy as the spicy shrimp on the grill.  Here’s some quick snaps from our evening after dinner.

“This time please look at the camera and smile”

Summer is here with a vengeance and luckily here in “vacation land” we have the best places to cool off.  That of course is the cold Atlantic ocean… or maybe Aquaboggan to change things up once in awhile.  Monday is discount day there and so we went with the two kiddos.  This was Leo’s first pool experience and at first he was very timid.  Then we found the toddler section and soon he was having a blast.  Aquaboggan is a great low key water park for children.  I think it’s great that  you can bring in your own food too.

This will be our third year at the Yarmouth Clam Festival!  Off to Newcastle to visit the grandparents and a stop by Reds… for a photo that is.

Love Reds but this time we tried out Sprague’s Lobster.  Really good!

Can you tell Rachel had corn on the cob?

Satruday morning at the Farmers Market in Deering Oaks Park, Portland

Supermarkets can never compete with this stuff.  Non GMO veg, grass fed beef, fresh eggs from real farms.  Let’s make this a habit!

This is what photography is all about.  Preserving the moment… and those gorgeous eyes and smile of a six month baby.  Before you know it she’ll be walking, then off to school and then a life ahead.  Life really does fly by.  We had a great session!  I made some weird sounds and played a couple musical instruments while snapping away.  Rosie and her mom did an amazing job looking great!  Here’s some shots from the session:

These two are my favorites!

I can almost hear Adam saying, “honey before dinner why don’t we take a quick walk on the beach at Mackworth Island?”.  He’s a pretty cleaver guy to orchestrate this one (and a smart one for calling me to document the whole thing!).  It was a rainy, blah evening but thankfully the clouds soon cleared and then their car arrived.  I tried to be some kind of bird photographer in the moment with my long 70-200mm mounted on the front of my camera… and then it all happened.  It was quite the moment.  Pure happiness would be an understatement.

She has no idea!