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It’s amazing how quickly babies grow into little people.  You blink and then they are crawling and then soon they aren’t so chubby anymore.  Where did the time go?  Mommy took Leo off to go shopping so this little one was all mine for a little mini session.  That’s after I cleaned the house, of course.  Here’s Rachel at 10 months!

Summer is here.. well kind of.  I don’t think we’ve had two consecutive days over 80 degrees as of yet but I’m still hopeful.  Here’s Leo enjoying his ice cream at Kettle Cove Creamery which of course was followed by a visit to Kettle Cove for a dip in the sea.  Yup, he went in with is shirt, shorts and Keen’s on and then had a roll in the sand to top it all off.  We’ve smartened up and now have a change of clothes in the car… just in case.  The bit I can’t figure out is why at home water on the clothes is such a problem.  Even a little drop of water on his shirt is followed by “wet sleeves!!!”.  Enjoy the good weather!!

Anyone out there looking for a Quinny Buzz 4 stroller/pram?  Well we’re selling ours with all the fixings.  And since this is a photography site I just couldn’t help to post the photos on my blog!

Here’s a handful of pics from the weekend (Saturday that is).  The weather forecast said sun all weekend until Friday night when they changed their tune.  We made the best of the gray drizzly weather and caught the parade on Shore to Fort Williams.  Then it was off to the Air Expo at the Portland Jetport.  It was just Leo and I and we had the best time checking out all the cool airplanes.  We were able to board each plane and ask any questions to the military servicemen who where especially friendly and accommodating.  If you haven’t been to the Air Expo then mark your calendar now and we’ll see you there next year!  Here’s the pics;

Leo was also very interested in the snow removal truck on the right.

HH-60 Black Hawk

The USAF B-2 Spirit “Stealth Bomber” in flight.  Your looking at just about 1 billion dollars right there!!

From this angle it looks like some kind of punctuation mark.“Miss Hap” – General Hap Arnold’s personal airplane.  A B-25 Mitchell 1940.  Just looking at the style and design takes me back to a time I’ve lived only in print through fascinating novels set in the time.

Douglas C47 Skytrain (a.k.a. DC3 & Dakota) – 1940.  I love how they paint images of lovely ladies on their planes.


Then off to Wild Willies for a burger!  Voted best in New England.

Leo looking like a cool guy.

and then back home.

Meet Evan and Peter, newlyweds and now celebrating their first month together as husband and wife.  When I first met Peter and Evan in the Old Port for an engagement shoot I thought that certainly this was my lucky day.  Stylish and good looking and then when you get them together a bit of magic happens.  So we got some pretty amazing photos from that shoot and I just couldn’t wait to shoot the real deal, the wedding.  It took place on April 30th at the lovely Black Point Inn in Scarborough, Maine.  It was the perfect day.  Here are some of my favorites.  Thank you to Evan and Peter!

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