Monthly Archives: May 2011

This year for our family vacation we decided that Acadia National Park would be the place to go.  It could have not been a more perfect holiday!  No cell phone reception, no internet, no crowds, just views galore and fresh air.  Lovely!  The kids were perfect too and let us enjoy 3 epic bike rides around the beautiful park.  Honestly though, it did feel a bit like we were on some kind of “fat camp” as I pulled a trailer full of kids (and camera) up some huge hills.  Thank you Mother Nature for the decent weather!  Here’s some of the pics from the trip.

America’s first light atop the summit of Cadillac Mountain.  Taken at 05:10Bar Harbor in the wee early morning.  (4:30)

Sand Beach, Acadia National ParkOne of the various waterfalls seen from the carriage roads.

Congratulations to Evan and Peter!!  An amazing couple and an amazing wedding.  I’ll soon be posting the story of their wonderful day.  Please stay tuned!!