Monthly Archives: March 2011

Rachel is just seven months and she just could not be cuter… well that is until next month when she again gets even cuter.  In know from experience with Leo that as time goes on they change and you love them more and more.  The now will always be the best time for me (I may take this all back when they are teenagers!). This is Rachel as she is now.  She always looks at me with the biggest grin and I finally picked up my camera.  A super spontaneous photo session that was over within 5 minutes.  It really doesn’t take much to capture the moment.  I’ve got to get a shot of her peaking over the tray of her new highchair.  Stay tuned!

Time flies and memories fade.  Here’s some photos from last month. 

Ozzie.  Enough said.

Ben with his Mega Block dump tuck.

Who needs a snow blower?

My beautiful family leaving for England at Portland Jetport.  Miss you guys!

Let’s rewind back to February because little Ben had a first birthday!  This should have been posted much earlier than now… shame, shame.  We gathered at Aunt Pegs house for the party and watched as Ben went from a strong crawl to standing then walking and almost a run.  Leo was especially shocked, “Ben’s walking!!”  Ben then had another party at our home which as usual was followed by a cake and resulted in a very messy little boy.  Ben loves his cake!  Happy first Ben!  Amazing how time flies by…