Monthly Archives: January 2011

I’ve been spending way to much time working these skin tones.  It’s either too much red, orange or way too bright.  Who would have thought that exposure, focus and even composition would be the easy part!  The eyes can seriously play tricks on you, on the first edit it looks good then when you come back from a drink…. your not so sure.  Too much magenta!  An important tool when working with skin is to use “info” window in PS and look at the CMYK values.  This is such a useful tool especially when you can no longer tell the difference between black of white and you need some real data.  The info window gives you the actual color makeup of each pixel either in RGB or CMYK.  A good rule of thumb when working with Caucasians is to keep magenta  just slightly lower than yellow.  Babies are especially hard because this rule doesn’t always apply as babies are on the pinker side of skin tonal range.  For the images below my magenta and yellow are often equal with magenta being slightly higher in the shadows. Looking back on this shoot a quick gray card reading would have saved a lot of time by establishing a neutral as the purple walls and sheets create a color cast on the skin.  Welcome to the art of skin tones!  And Rachel is Gorgeous!!

I’m definitely my worst critic.  Here’s Peter and Evan once again, revisited.  This time a bit warmer, some texture, some flare.  Lovely!

Evan and Peter warmed up a cold morning at the old narrow gauge railroad in Portland this last Saturday.  They are the definition of awesome couple and we all had a blast as our noses froze and my hands cracked.  Fingerless gloves, as suggested by Evan, will be on my “to get list” in the very near future.  No need to really pose them or say “smile” as they just were who they are and the pictures tell the story.  There is a quote somewhere out there that says that communication is 90% body language and 10% what you say.  I do believe that these images are proof that this is completely true.  Evan and Peter will be married and April and what a wonderful day that will certainly be!

Seriously, these guys couldn’t get any cuter!The beginning.  Stay tuned for more!

What a treat!  I found this image and a bunch others on my camera’s compact flash card.  Looks like my wife has been taking some photo’s once again….  Wonderful work  and this one is by far my favorite.  Great photography Gem!

2011 new year resolutions/goals soon to come……