Yearly Archives: 2011

Wishing you the warmest, most festive holiday season and a wonderful year to come.  And a special “thank you” to all of my wonderful clients who have given me the opportunity to photograph their beautiful families.  The days, months and years blink by so fast and to preserve that moment, that memory is so important in the human experience.  Let’s live today, for the moment that we call now and remember to look back on the blessings that we have been given and give thanks.  Thank you!!  Joshua Atticks

Meet baby boy William again!  He was only about 4 months when we meet for his first photo session a year ago.  Well, this time he wasn’t quite sure about the guy with the camera who was clearly interfering with play time.  So it took a bit of a warm up period, a short nap and some of my best weird noises and faces and then, finally…. we got the smiles.  Patience is the key!  It was worth the wait for that brilliant smile and laugh.  Here’s a couple from the session:

Now that is joy!

I was thinking “police line-up”… “look tough” and I’ll throw some hard, fully gelled light.  This is what I got.  Can’t wait to show the rest of the shoot.  These guys were really where as cool as they look here!

Kids…. it’s rarely easy to get a good photograph, then when you start adding more it gets even harder.  We had a quick session out in the back to try for a Christmas card.  Try was the key word here as Rachel would not have it, even with the dried cranberry snack..  bribe.  Next time well try the M&M’s!