Monthly Archives: December 2010

He’s checking to see if Santa ate the cookies and milk he left out.  Hee Hee

Thank you!!  Thank you!!

One lucky little boy.

Rachel’s giraffe.

Off to Pop’s and Grandma’s for more presents!

That’s an original masterpiece of Portland Head Light and a full moon by yours truly.

The Grinch cat.  Not really, he’s just tired of the constant noise and kids running around all the time.

A true gift like no other.  Rachel

Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, and have a wonderful and safe New Year!

In photography, bokeh is what is known as blur, or the aesthetic quality of the blur.  Here is our Christmas tree in full.. bokeh for a more abstract, interesting shot.  You may even experience something like this tonight after gazing into your own tree with a couple lagers or spiced rum on board.  I played with two lenses.  The first is a cropped image taken at 35mm f2.8.  The second is 75mm at f1.4.  Now I’m on the lookout for some colored lights for some more play.

This is f1.4 with the focus ring on the other end of infinity.   It’s pretty cool how the light shapes have an almost fingerprint like characteristic to them.

I couldn’t resist throwing this image in too.  Here’s Leo driving the Polar Express in Portland, Maine.  It’s amazing how little boys can gain access to all the coolest driver seats.

Okay, maybe it’s not perfect beach weather but so far with no sign of snow and a perfect sunny day… why not!  Here we are at Crescent State Beach in Cape Elizabeth, Maine.  You’ve got to just get your Wellies and go!

Textures, sun flares, and tinting are the name of the game here.  The originals from the camera are fantastic but these… maybe a couple notches better.   What do you think?   Here’s a sneak peek of much more to come.