Monthly Archives: October 2010

Happy Halloween from the Atticks family.

Who of course is Leo?  Why none other than Lightning McQueen!

Saturday we checked out Pumpkin Fest at L.L. Bean in support of Camp Sunshine.  It was pretty amazing to see over 5000 pumpkins carved and light up!

Love L.L. Bean!

Gypsy Tailwind  providing excellent tunes!


Gramma and Pop have the best toys.

Bath time with Rachel Atticks

This past weekend Leo and I visited my sister in Oklahoma for the first time and it could of not been for a better reason – to celebrate pending arrival of her new baby.  Leo and I braved it to Manchester Airport leaving mommy and Rachel to fend for themselves at home in Maine.  Silly me thinking that for our first father / son trip we should dive right in with a 2 hour car ride and 6 hour plane ride with connections!  Everything was delayed but thankfully we arrived, tired and cranky… to put it mildly.  It was all worth it to see Ali, Damon and the rest of her family.  The baby shower was fantastic and Ali looked happy and ever so beautiful.  We can’t wait to meet Dylan Thomas!

Here’s our 24 hour trip to Oklahoma.. featuring Ali and Damon’s baby shower

And some of my favorites from the weekend.

Leo waiting at Manchester Airport

Big blue eyed Ben

Ben and Leo

Every child should have a cape!  Super Leo!!  Thank You Ali!

Very clever… 5 nappies (Pampers) with chocolate bars melted in them.  Guess the chocolate bars right and win the prize!

Mum to be looking great

Yup, that’s a stuffed moose head for the wall.  I guess this little guy won’t be watching Bambi.

That’s right, Leo flew us home from Huston to Newark.  He is the captain and Super Leo and many other things!  Thank you Continental Airlines!!

Autumn is here.

Yup that’s right, 0.2 miles to the summit!  And we’re not on base camp 4 either.  Perfect for little kids.

The light was flat but the view was still pretty spectacular. 

On the decent down we found some fungi.

Our family from Shrewsbury England was over to stay and enjoy life with us for the last two weeks.  I find it incredible how the time fly’s by!  This trip was especially importand because Rachel and her Nanna were able to meet for the first time.  Thank you Angela and Frank for the wonderful company… we had a wonderful time and will miss you.  Here’s some photos of our last day together:

Meet Matt, a Scarborough High School Senior.  I think I’ve played this guy a couple years ago in a skirmish on C&C and if I do recall correctly I believe he rushed, ruined my base and possibly called me a noob.  I was never really all that great anyway….  So we drove into Portland for some background themes (and parking tickets to support the city) and drove up to this set behind the Asylum Bar. We got some great shots and even one with Mr. King in the back ground.  Thank you Matt for being so patient and playing along!  Hope you like the photos.