Monthly Archives: September 2010

I took a short nap this afternoon and found this little creature curled up sleeping next to me.  She was so cute!  A little sleeping princess, if only she slept like this at night.  Naturally, I reached for my camera.  Here’s what I saw:

An afternoon out with dad – Old Orchard Beach, Bills Pizza and then.. Dairy Queen.  Clever to put them next to each other.

Halloween…  ready!

A one of a kind jumper knitted by a remarkable, one of a kind woman.  Thank you!

And worn well. 

Karen holding Rachel for the first time.

This guy did an awesome job recreating Mater.  I was blown away!

OOB – never without a couple Harley Davidson’ on show.

How cool was this… we took a trip to OOB today for some rides and pizza.  Unfortunately the amusement park was closed but there was a tow truck show instead.  Okay, sure I’m not really into tow trucks so much but our good friend Mater was there.  Leo was almost as thrilled as I was!

You see mother nature doesn’t always make things easy but if you keep trying you will always succeed!  I finally had the pleasure to meet the Manoogian family… all five of them!  Mackworth Island was the perfect location because with three children you need a bit of room to roam.  And roam we did as I don’t think anyone thought that we would hike round the entire island.  I have to hand it to mom and dad for keeping everyone together and looking great.  I think everyone had a blast and maybe a couple had a nap on the way home too.  Here’s some of my favorites from the day:

My goodness, what a gorgeous little face!