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Kettle Cove in Cape Elizabeth is a real gem not only because it’s a gorgeous beach but also because it has a grassy bit surround by the sea on three sides.  I can’t think of a better picnic location anywhere.  I also heard somewhere that it is a renown location for bird watching.   So we brought a bag of food, a bit of wine, Leo and our new born baby too for an evening away.  And as always we followed with a stroll down to Crescent Beach… Leo brought his dump truck.

I love the effect of shooting into the sun.  Flare galore.

The sea is a big part of our lives and this was a sort of ‘Christening’ for our daughter Rachel.

There he goes!


Saturday night at OOB.  Swim here and be rejuvenated.

Maine Medical was hands down fantastic in every way and although our room had stunning views of the back bay and a couple Sea Dogs games at Hadlock field our time there is over.  Thank you to Maine Medical – best hospital in New England!  Rachel and mum came home on Sunday and they are both happy and well.  At just 5 days old she is sweeter then ever.  Look at that little face…

Rachel Alice Atticks – day 3

My three favorite people in the world.

And this little guy is ready for the challenge role of big brotherhood.  He is so awesome!

Beautiful Mummy

Big brother holding his little sister for the first time.  What a moment… if a photo could be worth the world, this is the one for me.

I think this little girl will be teaching me a lot in the years to come.  I can’t wait!

Gemma and I are so happy to welcome Rachel Alice Atticks into the world this morning at 09:05.  She’s healthy and beautiful and we can’t wait to bring her home.  She tips the scale at 7 lbs 9 oz. has dark curlyish hair and a smile to die for.  Mum is well and spending a bit of quality time with Rachel tonight at the hospital.  Leo is thrilled to be a big brother and hopes that Rachel will play “race’in” with him soon.  I think we’ll all be having a reality check when she gets home!  Ozzie and Jax have also be notified (they don’t have Facebook for cats.. yet).   So without further ado….


Just seconds old.

Editing is complete… so without further delay, check out Kirsten and Lucas!  They are due to be married next August.. Congratulations on your engagement!

Love this one – Life is Good sign overhead… then as a bonus, Blazin’ Ace and then the.. Fore Play sign.