Monthly Archives: July 2010

All you need is a couple strobes….  It’s “like having a sunset in your pocket”.  Tonight was one of those nights where I played both sides of the camera and had a lesson in strobology.  Here’s what I came up with.

The “Force” remade 2010.  Two flashes, manually activated by Pocket Wizards.  Camera setting – f9, 1/250. Flash one is behind me gelled blue the other is camera right with a CTO and snoot. I think a  flag to block the light spill on the background would be an improvement to this image. This would solve the problem of the shadows from equipment and the wire from my Pocket Wizard and render the background completely black.  Lightsaber by Adobe Photoshop.

Classic clam shell beauty lighting.  Two flashes.  Flash one is camera right and high with a brolly.  Flash two is behind me, gelled blue.  A reflector was used just below my chin to add fill. Camera settings – f/9, 1/250.  Manual everything, as usual.

A visit from my sister and her family.

Benjamin.  What beautiful eyes.

The unspoken duties of a mother.

A morning walk around Kettle Cove and Crescent Beach.  Love Maine!

He loves that truck.  The first one we got from the “Swap Shop” which over the last 6 months has taken a beating.  It’s color was faded and wheels worn but it was the perfect size and weight for a two year old to run around the beach with.  After a long search we stumbled upon this one which fitted the exact spec.  It was only 10 bucks.

Jax staying cool.

Uncle Steven is cool.

I’ve always been a junky for sharp images but this picture teaches me that focus and sharpness doesn’t really matter.  Leo’s expression carries this image and the soft focus and added grain complement the subject.  I love this portrait of my son.