Monthly Archives: May 2010

Misty afternoon at Old Orchard Beach.

He’s like a Retriever, if you bring him to the beach he will go in.

We got these “Lightening McQueen” shades today from L.L. Bean.

Our cat Jax eats anything.  He even gave corn on the cob a try this evening!

We decided it would be best to wait a bit until things greened up a bit and then shoot a session at Fort Williams, Cape Elizabeth just around 6pm when the light was perfect and warm.  Well, we had good intentions but Mother Nature had another agenda for us.  It was cold and windy and there was not even a hint of that warm sunlight we were seeking.  Michelle and Merrick were certainly troopers and did there best hiding their goose bumps.  Within about 15 minutes were were having a great time checking out the park and snapping some great shots.  What a fantastic couple!  I’m looking forward to shooting their wedding at the end of this month.