Monthly Archives: March 2010

There is nothing quite like waking up early Sunday morning and taking a driving out to the local farm to enjoy a pancake breakfast topped the freshest Maine maple syrup.  We’ll that’s what you do on the 4th Sunday in March if you live in Maine.  The 40 degree weather made it a bit rough but still, it was damn good!  The bacon too!  We went to Coopers Royal Heritage Farm in Windham and were fed by the fine gentlemen pictured above.  And no, I didn’t get served the dud plate of pancakes either.  Coopers Farm also had a barn full of miniature horses open to visitors and one particular horse  (I believe her name was Toffee)  had her new foal with her.  Leo loved it!  If you love all things maple than this is the place to go.  Yummy!

I remember being a kid and hating the bath.  Not because I enjoyed being dirty but more because I wanted to avoid that freezing feeling when the bath was completed and you had to step out into the cold bathroom.  Leo doesn’t seem to mind as much, even at the cool room temp of 64 degrees!  He’s pretty tough.  It does help to fill the bath with Lego’s, trucks, plastic dinosaurs, you name it and fill it up with suds.  Photographing in the bath is a dream, bounce the flash off the white ceiling and you have a nice diffuse light, aside the peach cast from the bath tub.  Oh well, the boy has got a gorgeous smile!

I caught Leo performing for an audience of animals today in the back woods.  They all seem mesmerized by Leo’s talents as he brought the old broken piano to life.  I was somewhat surprised to see a tiger in attendance since we live in Maine… but I guess we are pretending.  What a weekend!!

Okay, aside from the once-in-a-while tantrums two isn’t all that bad.  It so nice to see Leo’s personality develop and see that he is making some of his own choices.  The best part for me is that he now can smile on command!  We just have to be sure that the afternoon nap is enforced or all hell will breakout in the afternoon.  Reflecting on that, this may explain some of my own personality traits….

I knew that sheepskin from Wales would come in handy!

Meet baby Ben at just seven days old.  He’s beautiful.  Congratulations to Karissa and Chris and may you get some restful nights!  So without further ado here’s Ben, Ben, Ben!

“Are you my daddy?”