Monthly Archives: February 2010

Being a parent isn’t always easy, but it’s the moments like these that make every second worth it!  He’s a natural.  Stay tuned for images of baby BEN soon!!

For the first time ever the 25th annual Venice Marathon will be going through St. Mark’s Square.. and Lifesessions will be there!  Well, kind of anyway.  Instead I’ll be on the front page of their website showing the world what St. Mark’s Square would look like at 4am.  I’m so proud they chose my photograph to market this special occasion.  You can check it out for yourself here: It will certainly be an amazing event in one of the coolest locations ever.  I wish I could go!!

Ahh, Venice

You’ll never see St. Mark’s Square like this.  No a soul in site, not even a pigeon!

Before watching the football tonight we decided to try some skydiving in our bedroom.  I went first then Leo decided to have a go.

This was fun!

Our boy is 2 today!  Here’s a couple snaps from our day out at the Children’s Museum and Theatre in Portland Maine.  Leo was a bit reluctant at first but as soon as he saw the huge fire engine he was having a blast.  It was getting hard to keep up with him as he pretended to be a fireman, checkout clerk, veterinarian, logger…. and more.  What a great day.

Mum and Leo playing check out clerk at Hannafords.

That’s a homemade Elmo cake!  No hydrogenated fat in that… try that Betty Crocker.There’s the new trike!  It will look great in photo’s to come!

Happy Birthday Leo!  We Love You!