Monthly Archives: January 2010

A couple snap shots of the more interesting shops on Custom House Wharf in Portland, Maine.  Just be sure not to park your car in Donna’s spot when you visit the fish market or comedy club.  Isn’t Portland a nifty little city!?

Like his mummy. Beautiful.

Out to lunch at the sandwich shop in Porland, Maine.

Almost 2 and finally starting to show me those gorgeous eyes.

Leo’s totally immersed in watching The Wiggles.

Grover is cool.

What’s a photograph worth?  Well, I guess that depends on who you ask and which photograph is being discussed.  Sometimes a photograph is just priceless and other times a photograph becomes priceless as time passes.  But again, it depends on who you ask, as if they really matter.

They said Friday.  Then they said Saturday.  Then we went sledding and built a showman, snowkitty, and snowcrocodile.  Jax and Ozzie stayed inside the house where it was warm (well, kind of).  Happy New Year!!



Ozzie – Jax

Funny to think that I haven’t picked up a snow shovel in over 5 years… and then we moved to Maine.  I’m all buckled up and ready to go; I even bought a snow shovel last week.  Let it snow… I may change my tune in a couple weeks.  Welcome 2010!  Gosh that number seems awfully high.  Anyone out there remember watching the 1984 film “2010” and thinking how crazy life would be in such a distant future?  Have things really changed all that much?  I don’t have a robot that can make me dinner.  I do have an iPod though… and I bet there’s an App out there that can get dinner delivered to me within an hour.  Communications has changed so much with the advent of the WWW.  We now have Facebook, Skype, Email, RSS feeds, blogs! etc. and it’s really cool, fun and a great way to connect.  We can talk with Nan in England with a push of a button or catchup on the newest updates with friends on Facebook.  My iPod somehow knows the weather anywhere, has live stock quotes, and can give me a satellite view of my house.  How cool!  My favorite technology of the past decade is by far the digital sensor utilized in my digital camera.  It’s what this site is all about and digital lets me do it faster and better than film ever could.  So here’s to 2010, just the beginning of the techno era.

As you can see, it’s snowing again here in Cape Elizabeth.  Leo’s lov’in it!