Monthly Archives: October 2009

It was 8:00 am and Ang and Dana made the hour trip to Portland.  Thank goodness, mornings like this don’t come around very often in late October.  It was perfect all around, a nice rustic set with some old train cars basking in the morning sun.  Ang and Dana were great.. it took a couple warm up shots for everyone to get comfortable and before I knew it was all fun, natural photography.  It’s all about the expressions and Ang has that one down!  Hope you enjoy the photos and check out the slide show at the end.  Cheers!



Forgot to take my new 50mm out of the bag for this session.  Next time!


Gemma’s been looking at online kitty profiles for the last 2 months now and I knew then that it was only a matter of time before we brought home our own ginger fluff.  It was getting a bit weird seeing various kitty’s faces on the ipod as Gemma scrolled down searching for their profiles.  So last week we headed down to The Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland and picked up this sweet orange friend.  We thought Jack at first but then felt that Jax may be better suited for this young whippersnapper.  So with out further delay please meet our new family member, Jax.  We all really love him, Ozzie too.

It’s been another busy month.  We’ve had the pleasure of hosting Natalie and Ed from Manchester, England and enjoyed with them the last days of summer here in Maine.  We even made it to OOB for one last swim for 2009.  Refreshing to say the least.  Now we have our family from Shrewsbury, Enland to enjoy the fall weather and the fantastic foliage.  We’re just about there here in southern Maine… just another week and we’ll be seeing the full spectrum of color defining classic New England foliage.  Can’t wait!  Here’s some photos from last week.

091709_9373With Pop at the Zoo.071109_9728092809_9621Gemma, Joyce, Angela and Leo at Old Orchard Beach, Maine

092809_9645092809_9659092809_9669re092809_9678100109_9569We can’t wait for Halloween!  Check out those little Timberland boots!