Monthly Archives: August 2009

Peaks Island is just a 20 minute ferry ride from Portland and the perfect place to ride bikes, get a healthy scoop of yummy ice cream and, if you will, snag some great photos.  I took these about six weeks ago when every day was either fog or rain.  How times have a-changed!  Well, we lucked out (kind of) for this shoot as it wasn’t raining.  The air was cool and the kids were having a great time which is the key to getting some great photos.  It’s all about faces and expressions anyway!  Enjoy the photos –



Brothers – This is what photography is all about!


Old Orchard Beach, 6:30 pm, tide out and beach goers have gone.  There are  just a handful of walkers and a couple happy dogs taking a swim – Perfect!  Here’s Gem and Leo enjoying the evening bathed in perfect light.