Monthly Archives: July 2009

A quick ride north from Portland is this wonderful state park with over 200 acres of prime hiking with gorgeous coastal views of Casco Bay, a salt marsh estuary where you can dig for clams, and wildlife galore.  We were psyched to see a young family of Osprey perched in their nest waiting for food as mom flew over with her 6 foot wing span.  What beautiful birds they are… I just can’t wait to see a Bald Eagle one day!  We managed to do the long route (about a 2 hour hike) around the park with Leo in his back pack.   He’s getting to be one heavy guy and would recommend this sort of activity to anyone looking to shed a couple pounds.   After a run around a small secluded beach and a hello the the friendly squirrels we headed home.


I’m back on the blog!  Finally a bit of time.. this July has been one busy month and unfortunately the blog took the back burner.  I know.. it’s no excuse but we did just buy a home and it’s been somewhat stressful to say the least.  So as of August 27th we will officially be residence of the fine town of Cape Elizabeth!  Now building the studio for Lifesessions is next on the list (just after I renovate the bathroom, and build a new deck, and..).  For this week we’ve got some photos from our road trip to Providence and a shot from the Back Bay in Portland.


William, Leo and Isabella


The Back Bay, Portland ME


Wow, the city of Portland was in full form last night and put on one amazing firework display.  Nice work guys!!  Yesterday we celebrated our independence from England which, for me is a very ironic statement as my wife and son are both British passport holders.  So as a family, we celebrate the birth of the United States and the ongoing friendship of two very unique and wonderful countries.  So in July we celebrate Independence Day and November we do Guy Fawkes Bonfire night… fireworks twice per year!