Monthly Archives: June 2009

Portland, Maine is a fantastic place and so far, we love it.  Can’t wait to see it under some sunny skies!  We’ve had just a handful of nice days over the last three weeks and have tried to make the most them.  Honestly, it’s rained more in the past three weeks than it did during my five year residency in London!  Well, at least it’s not snow… which is a scary thought.  We’ve managed to make it to Crescent Beach a few times and Leo absolutely loved it.  It was his first real beach experience and the look on his face when he saw all the sand and huge ocean was priceless.  He gets into this squatting like stance, which seems to help him take it all in, and paces around with a huge grin on his face.  We definitely hope to use our beach pass a couple more times before summer is officially over.  C’mon sunshine!  Here are a couple pics from last week…


Crescent Beach State Park, Cape Elizabeth, Maine_dsc7097

_dsc7008big wave, little guy

I was lucky enough to have not one but two sessions with Evie and her family.  This was perfect as two is always better than one which is especially true in photography where it’s all about getting everyone comfortable to capturing those expressions.  The first session was with Evie’s grandparents and we managed to get some great shots playing in the park.  The second session was with her parents only.  Evie was such a star and handled all the photos and flashes like a well seasoned celebrity.  She’s really smart too… when I showed up for the second session her mother pointed over to me and said “Evie, who’s that?” and Evie said simply without hesitation “Josh”.  I was floored – She met me for a whole two hours, two days ago.  Watch this one; she will be changing the world!  Here are a couple of my favorites from the session.  Sadly… Evie and her family was my last photo shoot in London.  Thanks for making it a good one!


A bit of added texture to this one.


An absolute classic portrait.  I love this one.

Goodbye’s are never easy, especially when your leaving people, a place and a job that you really love.  I’ve worked as a professional nurse at The Harley Street Clinic in London for just over 5 years and today I have officially signed off, handed over the keys to my desk and said goodbye to an amazing crew of people.  Oncology nurses are special bunch and the ones I’ve left behind today are certainly the top of their class.  I will miss you all.  I will also miss the wonderful people who I cared for (and who’s veins I’ve hunted!) over the last five years.  I’ve always said that our patients at Harley Street are the nicest, most sincere and positive group of people I’ve ever met.  They are truly inspiring.  Today I’ve left a wonderful place filled with wonderful people and I will never forget my time there.  It sounds odd or ironic to those who don’t understand but I worked at a cancer center that was full of life, happiness and joy and I’m grateful to have been apart of it all and work with such an outstanding team.  Here’s to you!


Yes… quite a good looking crew too!