Monthly Archives: March 2009

As you can see, I’ve been tinkering with black and white, tones and textures again.  Here’s a couple quick pics from the weekend.  He’s a walker now!


josh_lightsaberI’ve been stumbing through updating my CV this evening and was very tempted to copy this photo into my new profile section.  What do you think?  Somehow I don’t think it would get me the job I’m looking for, unless they were a huge Star Wars fan.  You could say that the Force has not been with me for a couple days now… first off my poetic juices (scoff, scoff) are not flowing at all and secondly, I’ve been limping around the house with a bad case of Achilles tendonitis.  I hope to be reunited with the Force very soon.  Life is not good.

This week we were in Chipping Campden once again finalizing our wedding plans and attending a marriage preparation course.  That’s right, a marriage prep course!  I too was skeptical, but after attending, I must say it was brilliant.  Every person on earth should attend such a course yearly as manatory training for life.  It was a fantastic course which helped Gemma and I understand what we really what and what matters.  It all can seem so simple but sometimes our hurried lives blurr the obvious.  Really the only thing we have to give is our time and attention.  Spend time with the people the matter.


Now that’s playing until exhaustion!!


Care to take an escalator ride into the center of the earth?  If so then check out the Earth Galleries at the Natural History Museum in London and take in the views while you brush up on your geology.  Leo and I popped in here on our way to the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition (also at the Natural History Museum) and were both thoroughly impressed.  Here’s a a quick snap of your view when you take the Exhibition Road entrance to the museum.  London never stops impressing!


I was browsing through my files on Adobe Bridge and stumbled on these goodies of Leo hanging out with Mum at Walpole Park in Ealing.  Have a great weekend!