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Meet baby boy Luke.  He’s just a day over a month old and did one amazing job for his first photo shoot.  Thankfully on my arrival to his home I was welcomed by a huge front window gleaming with natural day light.  I had a small lighting kit ready to go but didn’t have to use it at all.  This was perfect because little guys like Luke prefer “no flash photography”, especially in the first couple months.  Luke was a star and flashed us his gorgeous eyes in between sleeps and feeds and then finally  fell neatly asleep on the couch to finish the session.








2008 was the best year ever and I’m ready for more.  Why not start off the year with some resolutions?  O.K. here are my top 5…

New Years resolutions for 2009 (and life..)

1. Respond to all emails as soon as possible.  I think we all love to get email, especially the kind that isn’t a mass forward, so this year I will do my part and send more “real” emails to friends and family.  My new policy will be to reply as soon as I read.  If I’m stuck for time a quick reply is better than forgetting to reply.  My intentions are good.. no more excuses.

2.  No more than 2 units of alcohol per week day and 4-5 on special occasions.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t drink much at all and this resolution should be an easy one.  I just think it’s a good time quit the post work wine top up session.  So my new after work drink is a fresh and soothing Pellegrino fizzante with a twist of lime.  Nice!

3. Become a master strobist.  I love ambient light photography for it’s drama and mood.  The problem is that in the U.K. is that it gets dark real early in the winter time and I’m finding that I am needing to bring my own lights.  So 2009 will be the year of the strobe, not 100% strobe but a perfect balance (colour and light) between strobe and ambient light.  I will be spending a lot of time on Strobist.  Check it out.

4. To be enthusiastic and inspired in all the things that I do.  All the biggies that is,  like being a husband, father, photographer and nurse (and some others too).  This is a hard one so I might post a message on my bathroom mirror that states: “you are one lucky man, be happy, eat well, get up early, love and compliment your wife, look at the world in awe of all it’s beauty, seize the moment, do it better, and slow down a bit and take it all in”.

5. Start saving for my son’s college education.

What are your resolutions for 2009??  I’m off to bed and Leo is crying.

Hey there.. happy 2009!  And what a year 2008 was.  Here are some of the highlights from the past couple weeks.

leo_gem_bw_ny1New Year’s Eve – One tired little boy.

leo_gem_new_years_tubeChecking out the New Year’s parade – It was sooo cold!


christmas_portraitMerry Christmas 2008 !!



This is Leo’s favorite gift this year for Christmas.  He spent all morning putting his Mega Blocks into and then out of his truck.  What a perfect gift!

leo_christmas_lunchChristmas Lunch… maybe not!  I think he would rather go back to his truck.