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The Vancouver Cantata Singers and I Tromboni will be presenting “Cori Spezzati” February 13th at the  Holy Rosary Cathedral in downtown Vancouver.  The proformance will be spezzati (meaning split) placing the singers in different areas of the huge cathedral to utilize the spatial effects and create a true “surround sound” feel.  It sounds great (hee hee, no pun intended) and I wish I could go but Vancouver is 8 hours time difference!  They have asked me if they could use one of my photographs of Piazza San Marco in Venice to promote their show.  I was honored and so here it is on the front page of their site.

Here is Leo waiting patiently on the slide hoping that the swings will be available soon.  Taken Monday, January 26th 2009 at Walpole Park, Ealing.

leo_11months_slideleo_11months_slide_sh_re_vigleo_11months_011909_3826Story time.

Lots to do these days… the little guy will be having his first birthday in just 2 weeks and that means time to make the photo album.  This should be a fun project that later in life  Leo will certainly wish I hadn’t done.  Humm, like when his girlfriends come over!  Poor guy, and just wait till you see what we got for him to wear for the party.  I’ll give you a hint:  his party has a jungle theme.   I should have the album done mid February.  Most (excluding the 2nd) of the following pics were made with my new Sigma 50mm 1.4 sweet ass lens.  I’ll have more with it soon.  Enjoy the photos.





A visit to London’s Natural History Museum


This thing was great!  It moves, roars and scares little children (well, kinda).  This is f/1.4 territory, big time.


ahh, yucky frontal flash look (it was the only available light!)


This show is unbelievable.  Have you ever been to one of those hypnosis shows where some of the audience gets hypnotized and do wacky things on stage?  Well, this is that but for babies.  You could be in the other room flipping though the channels and if Leo hears CBeebies “In the Night Garden” for just a second or two, he’ll be crawling over as high speed to get a glimpse.  He then gets within an inch of the screen to fully take it all in.  I’m almost as intrigued watching Leo as he is watching Cbeebies (so I guess it’s good entertainment for the whole family!)cbeebies_leo_2cbeebies_leo1

shoes_11_monthsThis week Gemma, Leo and I went to John Lewis to get Leo fitted for his first pair of “real” shoes.  He has some tiny Converse Allstars which are simply the coolest but are almost impossible to get on his little bread roll feet.  So this time for his big boy shoes we got some Clarks with velcro straps which will hopefully spare us both some grey hairs.  We brought them home and labled them “Leo A.” so they don’t get misplaced at nursery.  Yup, Leo’s now at nursery 3 days a week and absoulutely loves it.  Who wouldn’t – he’s the only boy!