Monthly Archives: November 2008

Last Monday I headed off to the Chiswick House in west London to meet up with Nicola and Ike for their engagement session.  We had a bit of a slow start as we both found that the park was somewhat closed as they were having a huge refurb of the entire park (obviously getting ready for their wedding next August!).  We eventually met up and immediately got some fantastic shots.  Nicola and Ike say they have been together “forever” and it really showed while photographing them.  What a couple…  chill, cool, comfortable, and gorgeous too.  So we didn’t have perfect weather or any “Chiswick House” sites to pose by… that’s o.k. we still had a blast!  Now let’s see the photos!

Great session guys, thank you!

Lunch time with Leo Ben is always a bit of good fun and mess to say the least.   There was very little day light coming from the window (camera left) so an SB-800 was set up on a stand and fired wireless with a diffusion screen place between. If you look closely you can see the circular screen in Leo’s eyes.  Leo’s really is exceptional at blinking exactly when the shutter opens!  Just one of many obstacles when using flash.

These were taken on a quick stroll through the Chiswick House Gardens.  After a quick rain the sun peaked through the clouds and opened up some perfect light for capturing the beauty of Autumn.  The earth tones of the trees set in these beautiful garden makes you feel if you’ve been beamed out of London to someplace very distant.  Would you believe the M4 to London is less than 1km away!  Here’s a couple shots from our quick trip through.  Can’t wait to see the place after English Haritage spend £12 million restoring it to its former glory.

Every month that goes by Leo gets cuter and more fun to play with.  He now has leaned to clap and dance to music and he even give us “high-fives” on demand (well sort of).  To be honest though, the best thing is that he now will take naps in his cot without much fuss.  So what did I do?  Call it the photographer in me, but I just couldn’t resist sneaking into his room and snapping a shot of my little angel catching some Z’s.  Thank goodness his mum didn’t catch me!

Excuse me.. is that my lens hood for my 70-200mm f/2.8?

ISO 800, 40mm, f/2.8, 1/15, hand held

Leo really wasn’t bothered posing for me today.  I made noises, waved my hands, put on a clowns face, did a back flip and what did I get?  Nothing, not even a glance.  Baby photography isn’t all that easy!

150mm, f/2.8, 1/60, Flash camera left with soft box diffuser.  Silver reflector opposite left for fill.