Yearly Archives: 2008

A babies first Christmas is definitely more for the parents than the baby.  Especially if the parents are photographers!!  I could see the season being somewhat confusing for the little guy.  Leo’s is probably thinking that we will always have a 7 foot evergreen in the house and a constant flow of gifts to open and play with.  But then, why not!  Merry Christmas to you all!  We all have so much to be thankful for.

I always been slightly paranoid of these little devises.  Maybe it’s the fact that they always seem to staring at you or that they just might be broadcasting without you knowing.  Yikes!  I’ve decide to take the plunge and get one anyway.  After searching around the web we decided on the Logitec 9000 and decided after just a few minutes of use that… this thing ROCKS!  It’s a pretty good camera (for a tiny camera that is) and sports a genuine Zeiss lens and 2 MP sensor.  I got it initially to use with Skype (which also ROCKS) but found it does ohh so much more.  And Leo loves it too!

These are a riot!

How fitting….

Ah yes, the fro.  This is my favorite.


gem21My wife loves it too.

The camera defaults at around 15 frames per second which looks pretty good on Skype.  Once the light dims it can drop to 5 FPS and will start looking blurry, like it’s in slow motion.  It’s an easy fix, just add light.  If you don’t have one of the these… get one!  I got mine here.

How cute are these!  Little Converse Allstars for little feet.  Okay, so Leo’s getting a bit trendy now…

Now that the little guy as graduated from his “combat crawl” to a proper “on all fours” crawl he is definitely a bit more work.  No more putting him down and expecting to find him within ten or so feet.  He’s one fast little guy and can flip from his back to belly in a split second, way faster than his brother Ozzie (the cat).  Ten months is a perfect age…  I think I said that about 8 month too.  Here’s some photos from this past weekend up in Shrewsbury and Snitterfield visiting family and friends.  I’ll post a couple more tomorrow too.  Promise!  

Last Monday I headed off to the Chiswick House in west London to meet up with Nicola and Ike for their engagement session.  We had a bit of a slow start as we both found that the park was somewhat closed as they were having a huge refurb of the entire park (obviously getting ready for their wedding next August!).  We eventually met up and immediately got some fantastic shots.  Nicola and Ike say they have been together “forever” and it really showed while photographing them.  What a couple…  chill, cool, comfortable, and gorgeous too.  So we didn’t have perfect weather or any “Chiswick House” sites to pose by… that’s o.k. we still had a blast!  Now let’s see the photos!

Great session guys, thank you!